I'm buying hard drives again.

I have close to 100,000 photos spread across a few different drives and replicated to Crashplan.

My goal is to have everything accessible at nearly anytime while being redundant to at least two physical locations.

So what I really need is a magical computer with four terabytes of storage, a network connection around one gigabit per second, and easy portability.

Since that doesn't exist (is it too much to ask for wizard computers?) I have to settle for weird crap.

Currently I'm migrating my old Aperture libraries to Lightroom. I have all my photos on big desktop hard drives, but those are hardly portable. I want my pictures accessible wherever I am at the moment.

So I'm buying more hard drives. Seagate Super Mega Buzzword 2TB drives. They're portable and work. I'll just end up with an ever expanding stack of them as time goes on. They'll get fun labels like "2006-2012!" Hooray for cheap storage.